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Camille Bell

Certified Peer Specialist,

Lead Accountability Partner

I am first a mother, community activist, certified peer specialist and a Navy veteran from Philadelphia, PA, born & raised. I moved around the city quite a bit growing up. Joined the military shortly after graduating high school. Experienced many hardships in the Navy and left there diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder.

The spiral out of control continued from there, already accustomed to a life of drinking and partying, I was left feeling defeated. Spending a few years in addiction, isolation, and in anger; mad at the world. During those years being treated also for PTSD, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. After an unfit stay at an inpatient rehabilitation center; as I always have, decided to take matters into my own hands.


Transformation comes when you seek it. We can want change always but until we commit to action, life will remain the same. My belief is that labels should not define who you are. Your past should never dictate where you go, only how you grow from those lessons learned. As I've come into a better understanding of myself and how I fit into the world, I discovered my passion and purpose, helping others.


Driven with purpose, Answer The Bell was created. As a Accountability Partner, I have made it my mission to educate, build, and restore peers to their WHOLE self. My vision is to create a community of self aware (emotionally well rounded) people who set out to discover their own potential. Nothing beats a fail but a try. When was the last time you tried something new? Sometimes you need someone to accompany you.



A clear definition of what a Certified Peer Specialist is.

Recovery is usually synonymous with substance abuse, at Answer The Bell we believe recovery is needed if you've experienced any trauma (directly or indirectly).Recovery is about creating a better version of ourselves after life tried to knock us down.

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DISCLAIMER BY CONSULTANT. This Website is intended for information purposes only. Answer The Bell, LLC does not provide medical or legal services. The Consultant at Answer The Bell, LLC is not a licensed medical professional. The Consultant makes no representation that enhancement is guaranteed with services. 

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